CBIC includes industrial valves goods eligible for exemption

CBIC includes ‘industrial valves’ as goods eligible for exemption from BCD and concessional GST rates


CBIC has issued a notification to include “Industrial Valves” classifiable under HSN 8481 in List 33 of the Notification 50/2017 – Customs, dated June 30, 2017 (‘Master exemption notification’) and these goods shall now be exempt from customs duty and eligible for concessional GST. USISPF had been advocating for the inclusion of these goods in the exemption list on behalf of its members in the oil & gas sector. Since Industrial Valves are widely used for oil & gas exploration works, this is a major relief for the petroleum and gas industry. The Notification No. 50/2022-Customs, dated September 27, 2022 can be accessed here.