Roundtable on recent global developments around digital taxation

Forum to host policy roundtable on recent global developments around digital taxation with Ministry of Finance

The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS on October 12, 2020, released its Pillar One and Pillar Two Blueprint Reports which reflects the latest stage of this work, which is meant to provide a basis for political agreement across the Inclusive Framework member countries.  While OECD’s Pillar One Blueprint provides the technical framework for re-allocation of taxing rights to market economies for certain digital and consumer facing business, the Pillar Two Blueprint lays down the contours for introducing a minimum global tax.  Both these proposals are expected to fundamentally alter the international tax framework.  With this backdrop, USISPF is organising an interactive session with Mr Rashmi Ranjan Das, Joint Secretary (FT&TR), Central Board of Direct Taxes, Ministry Finance on November 2, 2020 to discuss the key features of the aforesaid developments, their impact from an India perspective and what the future holds in terms of timelines, consensus and way forward. Please confirm your presence with @Prutha Pandharkame and for further queries please reach us here.