Forum invites inputs on Transfer Pricing laws including experiences on APA and MAP agreements

Jun 5, 2022

Last month USISPF, along with our knowledge partner Deloitte India conducted an interactive session to discuss the recent trends in APA and MAP in India and the US. The session provided insights on the evolution of APA and MAP program, its progress to date and way forward, both in India and the US. A summary of key discussion points which are accessible here. As next steps, we look forward to receiving feedback from our members on the following:

1. Regulatory issues and resultant challenges in APA and MAP if any

2. Your view on the outcomes under APA and MAP and how it has helped in financial planning of the group.

3. Suggestions if any on the safe harbour rules / rates with rationale and experience so far

4. Any other suggestion as appropriate

We intend to submit a detailed note to the concerned department at Ministry of Finance by the end of this month hence please share your suggestions if any by June 5th .